Saturday, 23 January 2016

January 4th-10th: NicoleAlexiaDesign Navy Stardust

Hello Everybody!

I am still figuring out the format of doing my weekly spreads after watching a number of youtube videos. I watched Elle Fowler's and Belinda Selene's videos. I prefer Elle's way of decorating because she uses fully themed weekly spread. However, I am still a little unsure of placing the little items all the way at the bottom because I always ask myself what if I have more things to add. Belinda Selene is more towards the crafty side where she uses bits and pieces of many different items to create her own spread.

Anyway, here is last week's spread, using NicoleAlexiaDesign's Navy Stardust Weekly Collection. I will leave her link and the links of other shops whose stickers I have used at the end of the post.
Spread of 2nd week of Jan!
For this spread, I was completely following Elle Fowler. I placed the To-Do on the top and Today on the second bar. I placed the individual item stickers at the bottom before placing the Little Things header, just to try it out. Will try placing the Little Things at the third bar on another spread.

I did the alternate colour full boxes because I agree that putting similar colour or pattern next to each other will definitely cause a clash. Weekend banner sat nicely with the K in the middle. All in all I love the whole spread, but I think I will need some washi tapes to cover up more of the white spaces. Definitely loving the navy blue and gold combination.

There are a few functional stickers as well. The frappe is from LemonPaperCo, Beer, Movie Marquee, Mailbox and Blogger stickers are from KarolinaKrafts. Bible from CraftandQuill. Payday icon from PixiePrintsCo. Study and Class stickers are from AbundanceofErica. Links will be down below.

Spreads are personalised. Watching Elle Fowler, her decorations are lovely, but it does not express me. Hence, I will be trying out different ways to do my spreads in the coming weeks.

Here are the links that I promised:




Instagram | Etsy | FB



Elle Fowler:

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Sticker Haul #4: PixiePrintsCo, Karolinas Kraft and Little Paper Pairings

Good evening fellow planners!

I will be showing you my last sticker hauls from awhile back, but had not got the chance to do so because it keeps slipping my mind. In my previous post, I showed you my spread using PixiePrintsCo's New Year Kit as the base. PPC came with this haul, so I will be showing you the rest!

Soooo Manyyyy!
Hello stickers! This haul consists of PixiePrintsCo, KarolinasKraft and LittlePaperPairings. I will leave their links down below at the end of the post, as always!

First up, since I've already use PixiePrintsCo, so I'll start with it! I ordered 3 weekly kits from her: New Year, Lavender and Mint, and Paris Themed!

PixiePrintsCo haul!
New Year's Day Weekly Kit
I used the New Year's Day Kit for the first week of my ECLP which I will post up soon. It was the very first kit I have ever used so it was a little tricky for me to plan how I wish my layout to be like. But hey, practice makes perfect! :D

Lavender and Mint Weekly Kit
I got this Lavender and Mint because Purple is my all time favourite colour. I am looking out for orange themed kits, but I think most of them will be released towards the fall/halloween season. As I have used the New Year kit, I know that in order to make the spread as fully covered as it can get, I will have to get deco/washi tapes of similar colour theme to go with it. 

Paris Themed Weekly Kit
Friends of mine who were at my 21st, know that I love Paris. Like if I were to list the cities I wish to go to, Paris is at the top of it. Many other cities are like inching their way to the top of my list, but somehow Paris is a tough one to knock off. So that is why I got this lovely kit, which I would most probably leave it until my birthday month to use. :P

Payday Dot Stickers and Freebie Christmas sampler
I got these functional payday stickers to note the days when I will be getting payment from my students. 1 sheet would definitely not be enough to last the year, but as many other stores have similar payday stickers, so I will want to give other stores a try, hence I ordered only 1 sheet. PixiePrintsCo also gave a lovely Christmas sampler, which sadly I would not be able to use until the next Christmas. But no worries! Reindeers do not go out of style haha!

That is all of my PixiePrintsCo haul. I will link her shop and social media sites below! Next up is KarolinasKrafts!

Hauls from KarolinasKrafts
I got mostly functional stickers because I find her kits a little too pricey for my wallet. Maybe when I have some cash to spare then I'll try out her kits (hey, shipping to Singapore ain't cheap alright.)

Movie Marquee Stickers
So first up, I got movie marquee stickers. Many stores have these, but I like that KarolinaKrafts gives them in rainbow colour. I only got 1 sheet because I don't go to the movies really often, maybe one show in 2 months? Hence, 1 sheet should be able to last me the year. However, I think many Marvel movies are coming up. Maybe it's a hint to get more of these. hahahaha!

Social Media Stickers: Blogger
I've been blogging about my hauls and my spreads, so I thought why not just get an icon to indicate when I should blog. The icon circle might be a little too big, so I will want to check if other stores have them in smaller sizes. Other than that, cut is good, easy peel so if you don't mind big icons, go ahead!

Post Office Mailbox Stickers
I got envelope stickers from CraftandQuill a few hauls back, so you must be wondering why do I need mailbox stickers. I decided that I would use the envelopes to indicate when I receive my penpal letters or my stickers hauls, and the mailbox would be great to remind me to post my penpal letters. Loving the stickers!

Beer Mugs Stickers! for TGIF!
Beer stickers are just a must! Same as the blogger icon, a little big for my liking, but still alright. I will definitely look out for smaller sized beer mugs. But for now, this will do. Best way to indicate beer nights with friends!

Links to KarolinasKrafts will be at the end of the post! Last part of the haul: LittlePaperPairings

Little Paper Pairings Haul is not that little hahaha!
Mini Christmas Tree and Small Reindeer Sticker Sheets
I was initially hoping to receive the stickers before Christmas so that I could use these cute stickers in my previous planner, a purple weekly Monologue. But by the time I received it from the forwarder, Christmas was already over. So these cute little trees and reindeers will just have to wait for the 2016 Christmas. I am pretty sure they will do an excellent job to cover up white spaces hahahhaa!

Princess Checklist Flags
Cinderella Inspired Checklist Flags
Winter Princess Checklist Flags
As you can see, I just spammed bought all of their princess checklist flags. Simply because I love Disney Princesses and so do my sister. Hence most of the flags, I got double the quantity so that I could give it to my little sister for her to use it in her The Little Mermaid 2016 Planner. Love love loveeeee Disney Princesses!

Freebie! So lovely!
Veronica of LittlePaperPairings is the sweetest lady I have come across on Etsy so far! LOOK AT THOSE FREEBIES! I got a full 4 sheets set from her. Sure it may be Christmas design because after all she sent it out before Chrisitmas, so I will just use it for the next Christmas! So generous!! I was jumping with joy knowing she gave extra hahahaha!

So that is my latest haul! Do check out the links below to the different store!

Etsy | Instagram

Etsy | Instagram

Etsy | Instagram

Until next plan,

Monday, 4 January 2016

Blessed 2016!!

2016 is here and that also marks the start of my Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner journey!
I was so excited to start using the weekly kits, I forgot to prepare washi to match the kits. Hence there were still alot of white spaces compared to the plan-with-me you see on Youtube.

I used PixiePrintsCo New Year Weekly Spread. Love it!
First ever spread and I'm loving the Gold!
As the bottom was really plain and I didn't have any gold washi, I simply grab some ribbons and pasted them.

A little bare due to the lack of activities and lack of functional stickers, but from this spread I was able to distinguish what other stickers I need in future and have since ordered more! Whee! 

I just received more stickers so I will be posting them real soon!

Until next plan,

Friday, 1 January 2016

Sticker Haul #3: Happie Scrappie, Nicole Alexia Designs, Lemon Paper Co.

Hey everybody, 

My third stickers haul is here! This haul was bulk ordered with 2 different friends so it took awhile to get to me hehe!

The pile consists of items from Happie Scrappie, Nicole Alexia Designs, LemonPaperCo and Sephora.
Sticker hauls are the best presents ever!
The table calendar from Sephora is a free gift but it is perfect for me to track my important events while I'm at my desk!

Ok I can't contain my excitement! Let's start with Happie Scrappie!
Such pretty colours!
Thank you Xuan for helping to bulk order this lovely haul! Happie Scrappie is a shop based in Malaysia, owned by Sam! She has really cute stickers. I will link her shop and social media sites down below.

First item:
Penguin Winter Wonderland Label Stickers
So cuteee!! They come in assorted colours and though it may seem only suitable for Christmas, but because of the colours, I'm sure you can use it for any of the upcoming weekly spreads you have planned for 2016 until Winter is over. (For those in the Northern Hemisphere)

Pink Hot Air Balloon Roller Stamp
It comes with lovely texts along with dates! Perfect for filling up white spaces, writing penpal letters and scrapbooking!

Lastly I got the Gingerbread Girl Mini Winter Notepad!
The quote on the dashboard is so lovely (:
Honestly, I don't know what I will use it for. HAHA! I just got it because it was cute!! And look at that lovely freebie! Such a cheerful quote to bring with me into the new year!

Next haul: Nicole Alexia Designs!
NAD was having such a great deal that I just had to get her weekly spreads even though I had already burst my budget! Hahaha! NAD is based in the US, owned by Nicole Alexia. Not only does she do stickers for EC planners, she also has the weekly kits for Happy Planner as well! So you can check if your boxes are fitted towards EC or Happy Planner and choose accordingly! Wonderful! I will be linking her shop and her socia media sites below too!

Shades of Cool Base Weekly Kit
Fell in love with this kit at first sight! It comes with only 2 sheets since it's just a base kit, but the amount of stickers are enough to fill up most spaces in my EC! Such lovely colours! Can't decide which week to use it for!

Next up:
Cherry Blossom Collection Full Kit
The full kit, as you can see, comes with 4 sheets of stickers. The base kit shown above only has the top 2, whereas full kit comes with half boxes, strip washi and ombre boxes! I am totally in love with this kit and I have already reserved it to be used for the week of Chinese New Year! After all, CNY and cherry blossom represents Spring right? Hehe

Navy Stardust Collection Full Kit
The 3rd kit is just.. beautiful! Just look at that colour combination!! Somehow, when you start planning, gold seems to be good with everything! My planner community girls can vouch for that. Haha!

Last but not least, 
Floral Script Collection Full Kit
When I chose this kit, it was to step out of the comfort zone of getting colours I like. So this green floral theme gives pf a sense of peacefulness and it just make me feel good even though green isn't my top choice for colours. It's like stepping into a forest guarded by elves, making you feel like you're in a fairytale.

4 lovely kits! What I like about NAD's kit is that there are 2 weekend banners, one with light background, the other with dark background. It's good because different people have different ways of placing their full boxes, and hence the 2 different weekend banners are to contrast any kind of full boxes! Brilliant right?! Then you can keep the other banner for other uses! Loveeee it!

My last batch of items came from LemonPaperCo. LemonPaperCo is based in the Philippines, owned by Jessica Q. Sweet girl who is happy to help with customizations. Links will be below!

Such kawaii stickers!! I mean look at those cuties! So I mostly got functional stickers to cute-sify (totally made that up) my weekly spread!

Cute Pastel Coffee Cups
Got the green and pink for a friend because she drinks green tea latte. So I just chose the combination with green for her. And I got the blue and lavender for myself because purpleeee!!! 😍😍

Second item:
Cute Strawberry and Chocolate Frappes
I usually drink frappuccinos, so this sheet will probably be used more often. The option they had was originally strawberry and chocolate but Jessica does customization when orders are not overwhelming, and helped me print them in all chocolate! Thank you!

Third item:
Cute Bacon and Eggs
I decided to get it so that I will be motivated to one day cook breakfast for my boyfriend and my family. I hope it works. Hahaha!

And my last item, and one of my favourites:
Cute Grocery Bags
These cuteeee grocery bags are to be used when I help my mum with her groceries. Same reason as the bacon and eggs, I want to go grocery shopping more often with my mum so that I can actually learn what I need to get when I eventually marry out and start to have my own family. #suchambitions

Jessica is a really sweet girl! She gives awesome freebies that actually is making me consider getting the full sheet of some of the stickers!
Look at those lovely freebies! Everybody loves freebies. 1 thing that caught my eye was the lavender kawaii planner sticker. Jessica, I think you will be receiving my order real soon 😂

Here are the links to the shops below! Do note that I am not sponsored. I bought these stickers on my own and I am just happy to share with you planner people where to get awesome goodies!

Happie Scrappie



Until next plan,

Monday, 7 December 2015

Sticker Haul #2: Craft and Quill, Abundance of Erica, Little Planner Haven

Hey everybody,

It has been raining non-stop here in Singapore and hence some of my delivery were a little delayed along with  my pen-pal letters. But all's good and my second batch of happy mail has arrived!

This time, I ordered from Craft and Quill, Abundance of Erica and Little Planner Haven. I will link their sites down at the end of my post. It's my first time ordering from all of them and I can't wait for them to go into my planner! :D
Such lovely stickers!!!
Starting with Craft and Quill, they are a husband and wife team based in the Atlanta, US. I first got to know about them via instagram and I was hooked onto their flash giveaways! Allie and Chris are the sweetest! Here are the items I got:
Credit Card and Paid stickers
I find this extremely useful for me. I can't really remember when I pay my bills and it's really good that this set comes with the Paid stickers so that you don't have to get a separate sheet. I mean, unless you have more than 2 credit cards, 1 sheet is actually enough. There are 24 card stickers and 24 paid stickers. 1 sheet = USD3.00. Perfect for your monthly credit card bills! :D

Mail stickers :D
I just started writing letters to pen-pals so this sticker sheet would come in really handy to mark days to remind me to mail the letters. I was intending to use it for happy mail when my planner hauls come in, but I've seen others with a smiley face, so I might get that instead to differentiate the 2 different mails. Colour is rainbow, so it would be perfect to suit any weekly plans you have done! There is a total of 66 stickers on 1 sheet = USD3.00. Totally worth it!
Bible stickers
I have weekly church service so this bible stickers are to indicate them. Same as the mail stickers, it is in lovely rainbow colours to match the theme of the week! USD3.00 for 1 sheet too! Every planner should shop CraftandQuill!
Shoutout to Allie and Chris for their lovely work on these stickers and I can't wait to show you how I use them on my new ECLP! :D

From Abundance of Erica, I got the full student set of stickers to last me through 2016!
oh so colourful Student set!
90+ stickers on 1 sheet. 1 full sheet for "class" stickers, 1 full sheet of "study" stickers and another sheet with a mix of "essay", "quiz", "text", and "exam". Just in time as I start on my revision for the examinations in May. :x Thank you Erica for the lovely stickers! The whole set is going for CAD17.00. Worth it! Can't wait to use them!!

Next up is from a local store, Little Planner Haven. She is a friend I met from the planner community, Planner Addicts of Singapore! She was sweet enough to do a customized weekly kit and I couldn't have been any more impressed by her skills!

As many may know, the cover of my ECLP has a singer, Simon from the Taiwan boyband, Spexial! So I asked Kristine (owner of Little Planner Haven) if she could make something for me. She has done way better than I had imagined!
Purple based weekly kit feat. Simon of Spexial

Pastel blue and pink based weekly kit feat. Wes of Spexial.
I asked her to make another set for my friend who loves Wes. Nothing short of amazing as well! Kristine did a fabulous job! I mean, my favourite colour is purple and she knows it, and with the colour of Simon's hair, she managed to come up with a purple scheme to match! Same as for Wes, I managed to dig out some pastel background colour of Wes, and she does magic on the rest. Really really happy!

I will be using their stickers come the new year, so stay tuned until then!

Here are the links to the shops mentioned above!

Craft and Quill
Instagram | Etsy | FB

Abundance of Erica
Instagram | Etsy

Little Planner Haven
Instagram | Carousell | Youtube

Until next plan,

Monday, 23 November 2015

Sticker Haul #1: Fasy Shop

Hey everybody,

As you all know, every planner loves stickers, stamps, washi tapes, and anything that excites your creative mind. I have completed step 1 to being a planner, which is to have a planner and right now I just need to go on to step 2: getting stickers.

Meeting friends in the planner community in Singapore and watching videos on youtube, step 2 will never be completed. Your stickers will never be enough! You will just keep buying until you get "shopping amnesia". (Somebody in Planner Addicts of Singapore uses this term very often haha)

So today, I will be showing you the pioneer batch of stickers for my planner journey! Whee! My first sticker haul was bought from FasyShop. Reason why I chose her is because she makes really cute TV series stickers and I just had to get them because I am chasing Blindspot, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. So I just had to stick them into my current Monologue and let it continue through into my EC Life Planner.

My Sticker Haul!! :D
 I got 3 sheets of the TV series stickers, 1 for each series that I am chasing. It comes with 24 title stickers and 3 other stickers that states "Premiere", "On Break" and "Finale", all on 1 sheet of stickers. These are good for me as the series I watch do not exceed 22-23 episodes, I am not sure about the other TV series, but you can just check the internet and you will find out (:
Fall Season TV Series Sticker Sheets.
Below we have the weekly sticker sets. I got 2 sets of Rose Gold theme to give 1 to my friend and I got a set of ice cream patterns. Really really cute! I can't wait to get to use them.

Top: Rose Gold Theme
Bottom: Ice Cream Theme
1 thing about fasy shop, there is a tendency for 1 or 2 stickers that have not been cut properly, but other than that, I have no qualms about this shop and I would recommend it.

Go find her on Etsy: fasyshop
And follow her on instagram: @fasyshop. She often has flash sales posted on instagram so be sure to catch it!

P.S. I bought those stickers on my own. So this is not a sponsored post.

There are more stickers on their way to Singapore and I am so excited! For all you sticker lovers out there, many shops on etsy are having Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale! Do browse etsy and check their respective instagrams account as many tend to have flash sales and hourly specials! I hope you manage to snag some good deals!

Until next plan,