Monday, 23 November 2015

Sticker Haul #1: Fasy Shop

Hey everybody,

As you all know, every planner loves stickers, stamps, washi tapes, and anything that excites your creative mind. I have completed step 1 to being a planner, which is to have a planner and right now I just need to go on to step 2: getting stickers.

Meeting friends in the planner community in Singapore and watching videos on youtube, step 2 will never be completed. Your stickers will never be enough! You will just keep buying until you get "shopping amnesia". (Somebody in Planner Addicts of Singapore uses this term very often haha)

So today, I will be showing you the pioneer batch of stickers for my planner journey! Whee! My first sticker haul was bought from FasyShop. Reason why I chose her is because she makes really cute TV series stickers and I just had to get them because I am chasing Blindspot, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. So I just had to stick them into my current Monologue and let it continue through into my EC Life Planner.

My Sticker Haul!! :D
 I got 3 sheets of the TV series stickers, 1 for each series that I am chasing. It comes with 24 title stickers and 3 other stickers that states "Premiere", "On Break" and "Finale", all on 1 sheet of stickers. These are good for me as the series I watch do not exceed 22-23 episodes, I am not sure about the other TV series, but you can just check the internet and you will find out (:
Fall Season TV Series Sticker Sheets.
Below we have the weekly sticker sets. I got 2 sets of Rose Gold theme to give 1 to my friend and I got a set of ice cream patterns. Really really cute! I can't wait to get to use them.

Top: Rose Gold Theme
Bottom: Ice Cream Theme
1 thing about fasy shop, there is a tendency for 1 or 2 stickers that have not been cut properly, but other than that, I have no qualms about this shop and I would recommend it.

Go find her on Etsy: fasyshop
And follow her on instagram: @fasyshop. She often has flash sales posted on instagram so be sure to catch it!

P.S. I bought those stickers on my own. So this is not a sponsored post.

There are more stickers on their way to Singapore and I am so excited! For all you sticker lovers out there, many shops on etsy are having Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale! Do browse etsy and check their respective instagrams account as many tend to have flash sales and hourly specials! I hope you manage to snag some good deals!

Until next plan,

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Unboxing my EC Life Planner!

Hi Everybody!

I am finally embarking on this wonderful planner journey with an amazing community, not only in Singapore, but from around the world as well.

I started using planners back in 2011. Using a planner does not mean I was planning. I had used it to record important dates.... and that's about it. That was back in junior college. Over the years, as I started university and began taking on part-time jobs, I started to "plan" more. I had my daily schedules, school schedules, driving lessons, etc. All of it changed, when I started watching Elle Fowler, thanks to a dear friend of mine.

Elle Fowler was decorating her planner. From Monday to Sunday, filled with stickers and colour pens and ZOMG! It was amazing! Because of her, I was determined to get myself an Erin Condren Life Planner. I hesitated for awhile because shipping it from the US to Singapore was really expensive. My dear friend (the same one), just went " You want? I buy for you birthday." *jaws drop*

And now I have my EC Life Planner, sitting on my desk, waiting for 2016 to come so that I can start decorating it! I ordered the "Life in Little Squares" design, where I am able to import my own personal pictures to be printed on the cover of the planner. Below is my unboxing video!

I am still thinking if I should just stick to blogging or go into vlogging as well. Do subscribe still and hopefully I will overcome the awkwardness of talking to the camera and be able bring you guys more personable videos.

I should be receiving some sticker mails soon! So excited to show you guys my very first sticker haul!

Until next plan,