Friday, 1 January 2016

Sticker Haul #3: Happie Scrappie, Nicole Alexia Designs, Lemon Paper Co.

Hey everybody, 

My third stickers haul is here! This haul was bulk ordered with 2 different friends so it took awhile to get to me hehe!

The pile consists of items from Happie Scrappie, Nicole Alexia Designs, LemonPaperCo and Sephora.
Sticker hauls are the best presents ever!
The table calendar from Sephora is a free gift but it is perfect for me to track my important events while I'm at my desk!

Ok I can't contain my excitement! Let's start with Happie Scrappie!
Such pretty colours!
Thank you Xuan for helping to bulk order this lovely haul! Happie Scrappie is a shop based in Malaysia, owned by Sam! She has really cute stickers. I will link her shop and social media sites down below.

First item:
Penguin Winter Wonderland Label Stickers
So cuteee!! They come in assorted colours and though it may seem only suitable for Christmas, but because of the colours, I'm sure you can use it for any of the upcoming weekly spreads you have planned for 2016 until Winter is over. (For those in the Northern Hemisphere)

Pink Hot Air Balloon Roller Stamp
It comes with lovely texts along with dates! Perfect for filling up white spaces, writing penpal letters and scrapbooking!

Lastly I got the Gingerbread Girl Mini Winter Notepad!
The quote on the dashboard is so lovely (:
Honestly, I don't know what I will use it for. HAHA! I just got it because it was cute!! And look at that lovely freebie! Such a cheerful quote to bring with me into the new year!

Next haul: Nicole Alexia Designs!
NAD was having such a great deal that I just had to get her weekly spreads even though I had already burst my budget! Hahaha! NAD is based in the US, owned by Nicole Alexia. Not only does she do stickers for EC planners, she also has the weekly kits for Happy Planner as well! So you can check if your boxes are fitted towards EC or Happy Planner and choose accordingly! Wonderful! I will be linking her shop and her socia media sites below too!

Shades of Cool Base Weekly Kit
Fell in love with this kit at first sight! It comes with only 2 sheets since it's just a base kit, but the amount of stickers are enough to fill up most spaces in my EC! Such lovely colours! Can't decide which week to use it for!

Next up:
Cherry Blossom Collection Full Kit
The full kit, as you can see, comes with 4 sheets of stickers. The base kit shown above only has the top 2, whereas full kit comes with half boxes, strip washi and ombre boxes! I am totally in love with this kit and I have already reserved it to be used for the week of Chinese New Year! After all, CNY and cherry blossom represents Spring right? Hehe

Navy Stardust Collection Full Kit
The 3rd kit is just.. beautiful! Just look at that colour combination!! Somehow, when you start planning, gold seems to be good with everything! My planner community girls can vouch for that. Haha!

Last but not least, 
Floral Script Collection Full Kit
When I chose this kit, it was to step out of the comfort zone of getting colours I like. So this green floral theme gives pf a sense of peacefulness and it just make me feel good even though green isn't my top choice for colours. It's like stepping into a forest guarded by elves, making you feel like you're in a fairytale.

4 lovely kits! What I like about NAD's kit is that there are 2 weekend banners, one with light background, the other with dark background. It's good because different people have different ways of placing their full boxes, and hence the 2 different weekend banners are to contrast any kind of full boxes! Brilliant right?! Then you can keep the other banner for other uses! Loveeee it!

My last batch of items came from LemonPaperCo. LemonPaperCo is based in the Philippines, owned by Jessica Q. Sweet girl who is happy to help with customizations. Links will be below!

Such kawaii stickers!! I mean look at those cuties! So I mostly got functional stickers to cute-sify (totally made that up) my weekly spread!

Cute Pastel Coffee Cups
Got the green and pink for a friend because she drinks green tea latte. So I just chose the combination with green for her. And I got the blue and lavender for myself because purpleeee!!! 😍😍

Second item:
Cute Strawberry and Chocolate Frappes
I usually drink frappuccinos, so this sheet will probably be used more often. The option they had was originally strawberry and chocolate but Jessica does customization when orders are not overwhelming, and helped me print them in all chocolate! Thank you!

Third item:
Cute Bacon and Eggs
I decided to get it so that I will be motivated to one day cook breakfast for my boyfriend and my family. I hope it works. Hahaha!

And my last item, and one of my favourites:
Cute Grocery Bags
These cuteeee grocery bags are to be used when I help my mum with her groceries. Same reason as the bacon and eggs, I want to go grocery shopping more often with my mum so that I can actually learn what I need to get when I eventually marry out and start to have my own family. #suchambitions

Jessica is a really sweet girl! She gives awesome freebies that actually is making me consider getting the full sheet of some of the stickers!
Look at those lovely freebies! Everybody loves freebies. 1 thing that caught my eye was the lavender kawaii planner sticker. Jessica, I think you will be receiving my order real soon 😂

Here are the links to the shops below! Do note that I am not sponsored. I bought these stickers on my own and I am just happy to share with you planner people where to get awesome goodies!

Happie Scrappie



Until next plan,

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