Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Unboxing my EC Life Planner!

Hi Everybody!

I am finally embarking on this wonderful planner journey with an amazing community, not only in Singapore, but from around the world as well.

I started using planners back in 2011. Using a planner does not mean I was planning. I had used it to record important dates.... and that's about it. That was back in junior college. Over the years, as I started university and began taking on part-time jobs, I started to "plan" more. I had my daily schedules, school schedules, driving lessons, etc. All of it changed, when I started watching Elle Fowler, thanks to a dear friend of mine.

Elle Fowler was decorating her planner. From Monday to Sunday, filled with stickers and colour pens and ZOMG! It was amazing! Because of her, I was determined to get myself an Erin Condren Life Planner. I hesitated for awhile because shipping it from the US to Singapore was really expensive. My dear friend (the same one), just went " You want? I buy for you birthday." *jaws drop*

And now I have my EC Life Planner, sitting on my desk, waiting for 2016 to come so that I can start decorating it! I ordered the "Life in Little Squares" design, where I am able to import my own personal pictures to be printed on the cover of the planner. Below is my unboxing video!

I am still thinking if I should just stick to blogging or go into vlogging as well. Do subscribe still and hopefully I will overcome the awkwardness of talking to the camera and be able bring you guys more personable videos.

I should be receiving some sticker mails soon! So excited to show you guys my very first sticker haul!

Until next plan,

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