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Sticker Haul #4: PixiePrintsCo, Karolinas Kraft and Little Paper Pairings

Good evening fellow planners!

I will be showing you my last sticker hauls from awhile back, but had not got the chance to do so because it keeps slipping my mind. In my previous post, I showed you my spread using PixiePrintsCo's New Year Kit as the base. PPC came with this haul, so I will be showing you the rest!

Soooo Manyyyy!
Hello stickers! This haul consists of PixiePrintsCo, KarolinasKraft and LittlePaperPairings. I will leave their links down below at the end of the post, as always!

First up, since I've already use PixiePrintsCo, so I'll start with it! I ordered 3 weekly kits from her: New Year, Lavender and Mint, and Paris Themed!

PixiePrintsCo haul!
New Year's Day Weekly Kit
I used the New Year's Day Kit for the first week of my ECLP which I will post up soon. It was the very first kit I have ever used so it was a little tricky for me to plan how I wish my layout to be like. But hey, practice makes perfect! :D

Lavender and Mint Weekly Kit
I got this Lavender and Mint because Purple is my all time favourite colour. I am looking out for orange themed kits, but I think most of them will be released towards the fall/halloween season. As I have used the New Year kit, I know that in order to make the spread as fully covered as it can get, I will have to get deco/washi tapes of similar colour theme to go with it. 

Paris Themed Weekly Kit
Friends of mine who were at my 21st, know that I love Paris. Like if I were to list the cities I wish to go to, Paris is at the top of it. Many other cities are like inching their way to the top of my list, but somehow Paris is a tough one to knock off. So that is why I got this lovely kit, which I would most probably leave it until my birthday month to use. :P

Payday Dot Stickers and Freebie Christmas sampler
I got these functional payday stickers to note the days when I will be getting payment from my students. 1 sheet would definitely not be enough to last the year, but as many other stores have similar payday stickers, so I will want to give other stores a try, hence I ordered only 1 sheet. PixiePrintsCo also gave a lovely Christmas sampler, which sadly I would not be able to use until the next Christmas. But no worries! Reindeers do not go out of style haha!

That is all of my PixiePrintsCo haul. I will link her shop and social media sites below! Next up is KarolinasKrafts!

Hauls from KarolinasKrafts
I got mostly functional stickers because I find her kits a little too pricey for my wallet. Maybe when I have some cash to spare then I'll try out her kits (hey, shipping to Singapore ain't cheap alright.)

Movie Marquee Stickers
So first up, I got movie marquee stickers. Many stores have these, but I like that KarolinaKrafts gives them in rainbow colour. I only got 1 sheet because I don't go to the movies really often, maybe one show in 2 months? Hence, 1 sheet should be able to last me the year. However, I think many Marvel movies are coming up. Maybe it's a hint to get more of these. hahahaha!

Social Media Stickers: Blogger
I've been blogging about my hauls and my spreads, so I thought why not just get an icon to indicate when I should blog. The icon circle might be a little too big, so I will want to check if other stores have them in smaller sizes. Other than that, cut is good, easy peel so if you don't mind big icons, go ahead!

Post Office Mailbox Stickers
I got envelope stickers from CraftandQuill a few hauls back, so you must be wondering why do I need mailbox stickers. I decided that I would use the envelopes to indicate when I receive my penpal letters or my stickers hauls, and the mailbox would be great to remind me to post my penpal letters. Loving the stickers!

Beer Mugs Stickers! for TGIF!
Beer stickers are just a must! Same as the blogger icon, a little big for my liking, but still alright. I will definitely look out for smaller sized beer mugs. But for now, this will do. Best way to indicate beer nights with friends!

Links to KarolinasKrafts will be at the end of the post! Last part of the haul: LittlePaperPairings

Little Paper Pairings Haul is not that little hahaha!
Mini Christmas Tree and Small Reindeer Sticker Sheets
I was initially hoping to receive the stickers before Christmas so that I could use these cute stickers in my previous planner, a purple weekly Monologue. But by the time I received it from the forwarder, Christmas was already over. So these cute little trees and reindeers will just have to wait for the 2016 Christmas. I am pretty sure they will do an excellent job to cover up white spaces hahahhaa!

Princess Checklist Flags
Cinderella Inspired Checklist Flags
Winter Princess Checklist Flags
As you can see, I just spammed bought all of their princess checklist flags. Simply because I love Disney Princesses and so do my sister. Hence most of the flags, I got double the quantity so that I could give it to my little sister for her to use it in her The Little Mermaid 2016 Planner. Love love loveeeee Disney Princesses!

Freebie! So lovely!
Veronica of LittlePaperPairings is the sweetest lady I have come across on Etsy so far! LOOK AT THOSE FREEBIES! I got a full 4 sheets set from her. Sure it may be Christmas design because after all she sent it out before Chrisitmas, so I will just use it for the next Christmas! So generous!! I was jumping with joy knowing she gave extra hahahaha!

So that is my latest haul! Do check out the links below to the different store!

Etsy | Instagram

Etsy | Instagram

Etsy | Instagram

Until next plan,

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