Saturday, 23 January 2016

January 4th-10th: NicoleAlexiaDesign Navy Stardust

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I am still figuring out the format of doing my weekly spreads after watching a number of youtube videos. I watched Elle Fowler's and Belinda Selene's videos. I prefer Elle's way of decorating because she uses fully themed weekly spread. However, I am still a little unsure of placing the little items all the way at the bottom because I always ask myself what if I have more things to add. Belinda Selene is more towards the crafty side where she uses bits and pieces of many different items to create her own spread.

Anyway, here is last week's spread, using NicoleAlexiaDesign's Navy Stardust Weekly Collection. I will leave her link and the links of other shops whose stickers I have used at the end of the post.
Spread of 2nd week of Jan!
For this spread, I was completely following Elle Fowler. I placed the To-Do on the top and Today on the second bar. I placed the individual item stickers at the bottom before placing the Little Things header, just to try it out. Will try placing the Little Things at the third bar on another spread.

I did the alternate colour full boxes because I agree that putting similar colour or pattern next to each other will definitely cause a clash. Weekend banner sat nicely with the K in the middle. All in all I love the whole spread, but I think I will need some washi tapes to cover up more of the white spaces. Definitely loving the navy blue and gold combination.

There are a few functional stickers as well. The frappe is from LemonPaperCo, Beer, Movie Marquee, Mailbox and Blogger stickers are from KarolinaKrafts. Bible from CraftandQuill. Payday icon from PixiePrintsCo. Study and Class stickers are from AbundanceofErica. Links will be down below.

Spreads are personalised. Watching Elle Fowler, her decorations are lovely, but it does not express me. Hence, I will be trying out different ways to do my spreads in the coming weeks.

Here are the links that I promised:




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Elle Fowler:

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